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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 26, 2011 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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that going to be a surprise >> its not there. >> what are you looking at? for all of us. >> there's a few processes to rehearsing to get to filming, and i'm out of here, good but you work with a little night from washington. see you tomorrow night. gelatinous smurf. eventually they take it away and wiewr working with stickers. >> top of the morning to you. it's tricky. it's tuesday, july 26th. >> what's harder, working with thanks for sharing your time the smurfs or doogie houser? this morning. i'm gretchen carlson. political showdown took place in primetime last night. >> he was a dream to work with. president obama vs. speaker john i was a big fan of his. boehner. >> we can't allow the american when i got the script, i knew he people to become collateral was attached to the script. damage to washington's political i was excited to work with him. >> he's been here a couple of warfare. >> he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to times, he's a nice guy. happen. >> yes, he is. >> so is it about the american >> we'll catch you on the people or one big re-election campaign? we report, you decide. smurfs. it opens this weekend. >> meanwhile, the united states >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. government arming a mexican drug >> meanwhile, straight ahead, cartel for war? what's missing from this picture? did the president just get and when people said hey, this ditched? doesn't smell right, a brand new a former economic advisor to president bush on why the white report says that's when the cover-up began. house got kicked out of the debt yes, the cover-up, brian. >> yes, a grandmother confronted debate. your mcdonald's happy meals
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by a naked intruder. are about to be replaced with a >> again? >> not in my house! healthy meal. >> be strong. you can thank the fat police for there's always a way to protect that. yourself. use it! how will that change and when? >> but this crook picked on the wrong lady. "fox & friends" the right show for you because we start right now. >> come on in, folks and welcome to our tuesday telecast. we have lots to talk about because the president of the united states and the speaker of the house last night decided it was time to go in front of the american public to make their case. >> again? as brian just said about the other story, again? >> right. >> how many times do we have to have a press conference to try to figure out what the hell to do with our debt? it's one press conference after another and i think the american people are getting darned tired of it. >> i'll tell you what, when word got out that he's going to on our car insurance. be addressing the country in a great! at progressive, primetime address, i'm thinking you can compartes side by side, this might be -- he might be -- so you get the same coverage, often for less. >> a breakthrough!
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>> 14th amendment and deciding wow! that is huge! i'm going to do what bill [ disco playing ] clinton said i should do all along and look at the 14th and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! amendment and drive constitutional scholars crazy and say this gives us the yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. ability to raise the national debt in our national interest. we'll ta it. when he came out and started for go, big money! 14 minutes talking about the i mean, go. same thing he did in his two it's your break, honey. press conferences over the prior same coverage, more savings. two weeks calling out now, that's progressive. call or click today. republicans, i thought is this allowed? this is almost a partisan debate on primetime tv. >> actually, the second sentence was for the last decade, we have spent more money than we take in. blame bush was the whole point. that was the thesis of this speech last night. i was stunned that he got to it on the second sentence. >> i will argue this. that -- blame bush was the subset of this speech. the first speech was blame the rich. >> right. >> and it was blame those people who aren't paying taxes and, of course, house republicans who are off the charts. >> and of course, the larger framework was and those things floating around on capitol hill, i don't want no stinking short [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
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term deal because that would mess up my re-election. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, that's interesting, he did at including the jetta, one point invoke ronald reagan and i know a lot of people who awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. lived through the reagan years that's the power of german engineering. probably remember back to when ronald reagan took to the hurry in and lease the jetta s television, he never would have for just $179 a month. used the kind of rhetoric that ♪ the president of the united states did last night. visit today. it was look a campaign event where he was running for re-election. oh, yeah, he is. anyway, that's ronald reagan, by the two trains and a bus rider. the way, on the far picture if you've forgotten what he looked the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. like. here's a point-counterpoint of for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. the president who of the united states who is immediately and we've been honored to walk with you followed two minutes later by john boehner talking about how to help you get where you want to be congress should not use the american people as collateral damage over this debt war. ♪ >> this is no way to run the because your moment is now. greatest country on earth. let nothing stand in your way. it's a dangerous game that we've never played before and we can't learn more at afford to play it now. not when the jobs and livelihoods of so many families are at stake. we can't allow the american
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people to become collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> the president is adamant that we cannot make fundamental changes to our entitle many programs. as a father of two daughters, i know these programs won't be there for them and their kids unless significant action is taken now. the sad truth is the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> here's the thing, there were three buzz words in the speeches last night that i think the obama administration has tested with independents to see if this with time running out to reach a deal on our nation's is what they want to hear. debt ceiling, john boehner and balanced approach. harry reid are plowing ahead blame president bush. with rival plans but without the and the third one just left me. input of a notable figure, it's going to come to me. i always do this. president obama. >> no, not compromise. >> so have the two leaders given up negotiating with the thank you, producer. president? but anyway, it's going to come joining us now from the white house north lawn is the director to me in a minute when brian and of the national economic council steve is coming but i think there's certain buzz words that and assistant to the president for economic policy. are very attractive to good morning to you. independents. a study recently showed that >> good morning. >> you know, when i first heard when you include president bush that the president was giving a in a question about blame for
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this problem, the independents prime time address last night, i thought for sure that he was agree mostly that yes, but if going to be announcing either a you take president bush out of deal or a plan of his own. the question, they evenly divide the blame amongst republicans neither happened. can you tell me what was new and democrats, important point. information in his speech last >> don't you think in a way the night? president is going to deal >> i think the purpose of last himself back into the night was for the president to conversation? >> walked away. make a call to the country, have >> after the speaker said listen, i was just dealing with a balanced bi-partisan plan that you. you upped the ante $400 billion. would have shared sacrifice, i can't do that. i'm going to leave and talk to encourage everybody to harry reid. they come up with the competing compromise, encourage everyone plans and there are similarities not to take a my way or the between them at which time the highway approach, and alleviate president said how come no one is talking to me? the cloud of uncertainty that i'm going to call a press conference and talk to the hangs over our economy when we american people? he burned up speaker boehner's have the threat of default. lines because he calls on the >> what was new in the speech? american people to call up their >> what the president was trying representative and express your to do was let people know that outrage, express your feelings we really are at a stale mate, about what's going on in washington right now and how basically he's not to blame. that nothing is coming out of >> sure, remember the president of the united states a couple of congress that is likely to pass weeks ago said to eric cantor, look, pal, i'm going to take my both houses, that this is a time case to the american people and that's what he tried to do last where we as a country have to come together and have compromise and bi-partisanship. night. here's charles krauthammer on -- let's just remember. you know, he's a very smart guy this president has put forward and has brilliant observations very difficult entitlement
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about what he saw the president reform proposals as part of his say last night. negotiation with the speaker. >> he started his speech by we're very close to a blaming it all on bush. bi-partisan deal. twice the speaker walked away this is now 3 1/2 years in. and what was so interesting is for whatever reason, but this president has pushed his own that he thought -- he's talked party to take deep cuts, to take about himself as being a new on important structure of reagan. that's how he sees himself, the liberal reagan. entitlement reforms. we need the same kind of reagan could do one thing that flexibility on all sides. almost no modern president could >> how much does the president do. regret not putting a plan of his own out there and asking the he could go to the nation and vice-president to run things earlier in the summer? sway an issue. this is obama thinking he's is that a big regret of his? going to achieve that, i don't >> i totally disagree with your know if he's going to succeed or premise. not but he spoke to the american let's remember what happened. we had a long protracted battle over this year's budget. people. remember what he told eric five days after this was done, cantor, he called my bluff. the president put forward a $4 i'll go to the people. trillion deficit reduction that's his attempt. let's see if it works. framework over 12 years that was >> thank you, charles. very specific on its debt cap, that was my third vote to appeal on the numbers of medicare and to independents is ronald reagan. this is a strategy on the medicaid savings it would do, democrats for the last six weeks the amount of revenues it would or so to talk incessantly about add. >> they said they didn't score ronald reagan. why? speeches. the president put together a because many people believe that ronald reagan would not be the budget that actually upped the republican nominee right now the debt and the senate voted it
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way in which the republican down 97-0. party is put together. >> so you're not correct. and so the democrats are seizing the president put forward a very upon that to try to say that specific $4 trillion framework. they're the party of ronned let's understand why he was reagan to try to appease the putting forward a framework. it was to come forward and have a bi-partisan agreement, so the independents. >> we know that charles goal was not to have what we have now which is competing krauthammer brought up before, the key word to win over plans that are stale mating and independents and he feels the not helping to solve the president wanted to come off once again like the adult in the problem, but bringing democrats and republicans to the table as room. but it also comes off for me he did with vice-president somewhat condescending and he biden. i was at that negotiation, and talked down to maybe a sixth grade level in a way in which he then with his negotiations with speaker boehner. felt as though we had to -- so that's what the public wants, not dueling plans that have no we could understand it. like this -- like everyday chance of passage. person. and i'm saying to myself, wait a they want to see democrats and republicans at the table, second, anyone who even has a compromising, working together, newspaper or walk by a flier just like ordinary americans who have disagreements do every day of their lives when they understands the context of this argument and whaet at mistake. interdisputes -- when they have the president thought in a disputes. >> one thing the president did remedial way he had to frame it not say was whether or not he out again. would veto the boehner bill. >> he has all these pollsters last week he said he would and campaign people and it's all about the re-election. definitely veto cut, cap, and let's have a little -- it's not a drinking game. it's an eating game. balance if it came to his desk.
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every time the president says would he veto the boehner bill? balanced approach, let's get our >> what the chief of staff said peas and count. on sunday is it's not going to >> this balanced approach asks be acceptable and the president is willing to veto. everyone to give a little >> there's one day to go and it without requiring anyone to lands on his desk. sacrifice too much. he will veto it? the only reason this balanced >> can i finish? approach isn't on its way to he said that he would not accept becoming law right now is something that had -- that left because a significant number of a cloud of default over our republicans in congress are insisting on a different economy, but let me tell you what we're trying to do today. approach. keep in mind that under a >> okay. >> we're trying to focus on balanced approach, the 98% of americans who make under getting a compromise and something constructive. remember, the real debate now is $250,000 would see no tax increases at all. not about a bill that what we're talking about under a hypothetically could get to the president's desk because right now you've got two bills that balanced approach is asking americans whose incomes have are probably both going to face gone up the most over the last decade, a predecessor of mine stale mate. neither are likely to pass both made the case for a balanced houses, so if we care about our approach by saying this. but today, many republicans in country and we care about the house refuse to consider bi-partisan compromise and we this kind of balanced approach. care about not having the risk of our country's first default if you want a balanced approach hanging over our economy, our to reducing the deficit, let focus should be on getting your member of congress know. democrats and republicans to find a bi-partisan compromise >> so there you've got balanced that can help us avert this
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approach. one other word he used six crisis, put us in a situation to times, the word compromise. start achieving that $4 trillion one word he did not use, veto. remember a couple of weeks ago, deficit reduction which both democrats and republicans have he said he would veto cut, cap to agree to. and balance. >> the director of the national however, he did not say that he would veto john boehner's economic council and assistant approach. to the president, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> next on the rundown, it's the >> i think that's significant because -- because a lot of feel good story of the summer, people have said let's just put the goo little boy that gave awy something before the president and dare him to veto it because his prized possession, that as we get closer to that he's here live wfritomh us next. august 2nd date, do you think he's going to veto that? >> i think the biggest story is what he did, he just said it again. people have to pull their fair share, equal shared sacrifice. 51% of the country isn't paying any taxes at all and you have the people who are paying the bulk of the taxes being called out for not paying more than they're currently paying. >> the interesting thing is you got to wonder whether or not they loaded an old speech in the teleprompter because there, the president was talking about, you know, the millionaires and billionaires are going to have to pay bigger taxes. that's not part of the boehner plan. that's not part of the harry reid plan. >> those are buzz words that
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work. and buzz words that are being tested to show that they work. >> it's so last week. it's as if he hasn't gotten caught up to the headlines. >> speaking of headlines. here we have your headlines for a tuesday. norway's justice minister says some of his employees are still missing after friday's bombing and camp shooting. he also defended the performance of the police even though it took them 90 minutes to get to the shooting scene. police believe the suspect actually acted alone even though he claims he had help. he admitted the crimes and pled not guilty at his arraignment that took place yesterday. and a live look now at the massive vigil in the streets of oslo as norweigians come together to pay tribute to the victims of the massacre. the death was lowered to 76. the mountain of cards, flowers and candles growing by the minute. >> look out, you may have to walk that letter to your friend's house. what? as revenues decline, the u.s. postal service may close over 3600 post offices nationwide. it would mainly affect rural areas that get less mail.
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grocery stores and gas stations are being looked at as future service providers. postal officials want to go from six day a week delivery schedule to five days. it would save billions but as many as 20,000 jobs could be lost. republican rivals tim pawlenty and michelle bachmann crossing paths in iowa yesterday. pawlenty blasting bachmann's position that his positions are similar to president obama's. >> her comments, i think, were consistent with her pattern of being inaccurate and off the mark and number two, again, a big difference between talking and getting stuff done and i get stuff done! >> bachmann says pawlenty has not proven her comments about him are incorrect. she might be 70 years old and carry a cane but that doesn't mean you can mess with bonnie. her attacker definitely in for a rude awakening after trying to break into her manchester new hampshire home and he was naked? >> i said no, not in my house. so i grabbed my bat.
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and i hit him. a couple of times. >> be strong! there's always a way to protect yourself. use it. >> police say the suspect quickly fled and is still on the loose. hopefully clothed at this time. and those are your headlines. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, while washington braces for economic armageddon, the financial markets are yawning? something doesn't add up. stuart varney does and he's coming into the room with the red walls. come on in, stu. >> very good at adding. imagine the guy manning the war freezer hearing a sudden knock. it turns out the person they put >> a lot moving, everybody. good morning. in there wasn't dead at all. republicans about to start a significant meeting on the hill. >> uh-oh! we'll get a measure of where we're on the debt limit. also get a free flight. john boehner says he can get a bill passed and the president will not veto it because president obama has not used you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. that word. you see, airline credit cards promise flights is he right? the health care warning that could cause health care reform for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. up as much as a trillion
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frustrating, isn't it? dollars. is that the case? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. we'll talk about that. see you in about 6 minutes here, you can book any airline anytime. guys, back to you. >> thanks, bill. hey, i just said that. a first class act of after all, isn't traveling hard enough? generosity at a baseball game ow. caught on camera. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? without a second thought, uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. 12-year-old ian mcmillan gave the ball to the other kid because he wanted the ball badly and was younger. joining us from san diego, ian, good move. was there any doubt in your mind you did the right thing? >> no, not at all. i just -- it was just immediate, like thinking that i should just give the ball back to him. i just thought it was the right thing to do. >> so what happened exactly, ian? i know you got the ball and then the usher said something to you. >> oh, no. i just did it on my own. well, she might have been saying not only kills fleas and tick that, but it was just -- i was it repels most ticks before they can attach just really focused on the and snk on us. younger kid because he looked frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. really sad. >> yeah.
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>> the deadline to raise the debt limit less than a week away and last night the president expressed his frustration over a lack of dealing. >> in the past, raising the debt ceiling was routine. since the 1950's, congress has always passed it and every president has signed it. president reagan did it 18 times. george w. bush did it seven times. and we have to do it by next tuesday, august 2nd, or else we won't be able to pay all of our bills. >> you know, many thought wall street would be in a panic by now with no deal but investors seem to be remaining calm. stuart varney says that could all change if the u.s. is downgraded and stuart, you say that the president in that speech last night essentially shot the economy in the foot. >> i think so. i think the president by what he said last night and his demeanor last night made a downgrade more likely and soon. >> how? >> the president commanded the audience. he goes on national television. this is an address to the nation
3:17 am
and he delivers a campaign speech and in it, he urges us americans to get out there and contact our representatives, contact republicans and tell them they support the president's position. that's the kind of partisan approach to our nation's financial crisis taken by our president on national tv. the rating agencies are looking at this and they're saying is this anyway to run the world's largest economy at a time of crisis? you don't play partisan politics. you don't do that. i think a downgrade is now much more likely and if we do get that downgrade, i think that changes what happens on wall street. >> sure. you know, just the fact that he made the speech itself shows that things aren't going well for him but for him, too, unadvertently tank the economy by the possibility of a downgrade, i'm sure that wasn't intended but i think in politics, we're saying get out and talk to him. >> he's raise the probability of
3:18 am
a downgrade just as the possibility of default recedes. >> it does. >> that august 2nd deadline now looks to be soft. it may be august the 10th. why? because we're pulling in a lot more tax revenue than we expected. >> right. >> and when -- you know, we had heard over the weekend that the leaders are going to come out and announce some sort of deal before the asian markets open and the asian markets went down a little bit but, you know, just the ebb and flow of a regular day. >> dow was down 80 odd points yesterday and may be up a couple of points when we open the day. feeling of anxiety there. not quite sure what's going on there and the downgrade looms over everything. >> if gold is king, time to pry out that molar back there. >> i'll do that. >> stuart, always a pleasure. thank you very much. we'll be watching "varney & company" coming up three hours from now on fox business. thank you, sir. next up on the rundown, stunning new allegations about the fast and furious scandal. it was apparently so out of
3:19 am
control, it was single handedly arming a cartel for war. he promised in a prayer that noun with would forget. he's under fire for thanking his smoking hot wife.
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>> 22 minutes after the top of the hour. two chinese fighter jets crossed the unofficial center line of the taiwan strait while trying to intercept a u.s. spy plane. however, the chinese planes turned around shortly after crossing the line and the act isn't considered a deliberate
3:23 am
provocation. the u.s. spy plane was able to return to base safely. it's a week of closing ceremonies for walter reed army medical center in washington. tomorrow, the hospital's military flag will be retired as the hospital begins to move patients to the new facility in maryland. walter reed which has treated presidents and thousands of u.s. soldiers was ordered closed because of aging buildings. next hour, one of walter reed's commanders is joining us. brian? >> shocking new report, gretchen, claims that failed fast and furious gunrunning program was so out of control in the fall of 2009 that the u.s. government was single handedly arming a mexican drug cartel for war. arizona republican congressman paul gossar is on the house oversight and government reform committee which is holding another hearing today. congressman, the more we learn, the more questions we have. the latest revelation that william lajunesse moved forward that came on last night shows that the f.b.i. was
3:24 am
giving guns to these runners with huge criminal records. how could that happen? >> well, only in america, that's why this is so fraudulent and this is why we're investigating this. that's exactly what we were doing is we were putting guns in the hands of known criminals. >> why? >> well, that's what we're trying to find out, it doesn't make sense and we didn't communicate with our folks in mexico so they were blindsided when they started seeing the alarming rate of these weapons showing up so they thought that there was a war getting started. >> congressman, i know that you had -- you have probably a bunch of theories but why would people -- why would these drug cartels in mexico need our guns? they could get crates of guns from anywhere. why do they have to pay full price for guns. why is there a market to run guns across the border for them? >> why is it the atf gets a
3:25 am
atlantis of people they want to sell these guns to. it should be the other way around. it seems very odd and contradictory to what we actually should be doing. we should be securing our border, not trying to make it worse. >> instead, these couple of guys that have these felony convictions were getting dozens of guns and running them across the border after their subsequent arrest, we find out their background. so to me, if i was on the oversight committee, i'd say i need to speak to the f.b.i. who, of course, would say the atf told me to and the atf would say, ok, i need to speak to the acting director and the acting director would be saying go to the department of justice. the department of justice controls the atf. if you gone up the chain? >> that's what we're systemically doing, brian, is making sure that we cover all the bases, making sure that we get all the information as we proceed up this chain and there's definitely a change in the oversight from the d.o.j. and the atf, they had a change in policy. in fact, when you go to people, you know, to the gun sales and actually tell them, these are
3:26 am
the people we want you to sell guns to, it doesn't make much sense. >> but the stated objective of the stupid program was to send guns across the border and find out if the guys could pick them up so we can find out who the bad guys were. >> maybe that's it and maybe that's not. maybe it's something else. a lot of us have our theories that what we wanted to do is make sure we had different types of gun laws in this country but it doesn't seem right that what we did is facilitate a criminal activity with placing guns in mexico, not telling the mexican government and they've already had a civil war where over 40,000 people have lost their lives and we just made it worse. >> and once you get maximum leverage, i don't see the department of justice being cooperative with you, the atf being cooperative with you or the f.b.i. there's got to be something that breaks this case, are you confident there will be something? >> the acting head of atf has come forward and testified and he's still in place. he's testified in front of the committees on oversight. so, you know, those are things
3:27 am
that we're going to be able to get and, you know, justice will prevail here. this is -- when things like this occur, we've got to make sure that we get the information forward. >> very curious to see what some of your theories are for you and others on the committee. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> all right, coming up straight ahead, this is not a joke, the guy manning the morgue hears a sudden knock. the dead guy inside, not dead at all! but cold. then a snub to our soldiers, a marine's family told to take down a sign supporting their son but posters supporting sports teams, they're ok. the marine's mom is here live. happy birthday to mick jagger many he graduated high school with our floor manager joel. joel quit the band to work with us. he's 60 today. you look great. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water.
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3:31 am
>> here we go again. this is so stupid it seems. 56-year-old oregon congressman david wu, remember him? he's the congressman that sent staffers of himself dressed as a tiger. there he is. well, he's a congressman. yeah. well, he's now been accused of making inappropriate sexual advances to the teenage daughter of a friend. teenager.
3:32 am
what is it with these democrats? if it's not weiner's wiener, it's wu's wang. what's going on? >> oh, my goodness. >> it is incredible. how could you lose to that guy? who is the man that lost to the man in the tiger suit for the election? >> i think he donned the tiger suit after the election. >> good move. >> after he was safe, he decided to be on the prowl. >> speaking of mr. weiner, did you hear that ed koch, long time democrat mayor of new york city came out yesterday and supported mr. turner, a republican for that particular job. >> he's very upset at the democrats especially nthe president's policy towards israel. >> we have headlines for you on this tuesday morning. chilling new details about the murder of laura ackleson, the single mom whose body was found in a texas creek 1,200 miles from home. cops say she was killed by her ex-boyfriend grant hayes and his wife amanda. hayes is the father of her two
3:33 am
boys. police say he and his wife bought several ice chests and rented a u haul to carry the body to texas. ackerson and hayes had been fighting over custody of their children. >> well, a teen who survived a brutal bear attack in the alaska wilderne wilderness waking up in his own bed this morning. he arrived to california to hugs and kisses from his family. he and six other teens were participating in an outdoor skills course. that's when a grizzly bear protecting her cub attacked severely wounding two of the teens. martin sprung into action. >> kicked him dead up in his face like right in the middle. bow, kicked him. he was done after that, k.o., he don't mess with me! >> i think he's the new tyson. the bear actually bit martin's ankle. the two teens most seriously hurt are still recovering in the hospital. those two young men right there. >> that was awesome. >> talk about art imitating life. this amy winehouse music video,
3:34 am
family and close friends will be attending the singer's own funeral today in london. watch>> ♪ we said good-bye to the world i got 1 is00 times ♪ >> we still don't know right now what killed her. yesterday's autopsy results were inconclusive for the toxicology tests now expected to take between two and four weeks. winehouse who struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction was found dead in her home. she was just 27 years old. >> and get this, a south africa man wakes up screaming after realizing he's in a morgue's refrigerator. his family reportedly thought he died from an asthma attack 21 hours earlier. morgue worker says when he checked for a heartbeat, he found nothing. they deemed him stable and sent him home. that's an absolutely unbelievable story. >> why didn't somebody pinch him? >> when that guy gets clothes on, we should have him on. >> after he heats up a little.
3:35 am
>> after he thaws out. >> quite a story. president obama and house speaker john boehner facing off in primetime last night to make the case for their party's plans for a debt deal before next monday's deadline. what happens now? well, there are two competing proposals in the senate and the house as well. >> nothing from the white house. joining us from washington, rich edson of the fox business network. rich, do these two plans match at all in any way? >> they do in some areas but senate leaders say the house plan won't fly. house leaders say the senate plan won't fly. rival plans, primetime addresses and nearing deadlines, the federal government is getting awfully close to that treasury august 2nd debt ceiling deadline. still with no guaranteed path to cutting deficits and increasing the nation's borrowing limit. lawmakers are pushing two plans. only one will do it. speaker barack obama or president barack obama and house speaker john boehner are still arguing over fundamental differences in their beliefs on taxes and spending. >> the new approach that
3:36 am
speaker boehner unveiled today which would temporarily extend the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts would force us to once again face the threat of default just six months from now. in other words, it doesn't solve the problem. >> unfortunately, the president would not take yes for an answer. even when we thought we might be close on an agreement, the president's demands changed. >> it cuts spending over the next 10 years to save more than a trillion dollars and raises the debt ceiling in two stages. first, increases it enough to get the country through the rest of this year and then creates a bipartisan commission to develop tax, entitlement and other changes to save another $1.8 trillion. if congress passes that second package of deficit cuts, the second debt ceiling increase gets the government through next year and 2013. senate majority leader harry reid is pushing $2.7 trillion in one time cuts to increase the debt ceiling once. enough to get the u.s. to 2013.
3:37 am
now, the house votes as early as tomorrow on its proposal and the senate plan is on hold. the democratic aide said leaders in the senate want to see if speaker boehner can get his proposal through the house. back to you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, let's go and take a look at the map and find out where it is raining and as you can see, widely scattered showers across portions of dixieland down through porpgss of great state of florida back through the gulf coast. also, we got some stuff in the northern plains where the greatest threat of thunderstorms later this afternoon will be. currently, the ohio valley is nice and dry. but there will be some showers in portions of new england later on today. look at this for this tuesday morning, not too bad. we've got 72 right now in chicagoland. 56 in caribou, maine. beautiful temperature morning on this tuesday. let's see the bad news, yep, dallas should make their 25th day above 100 with 103 later on today. close to that in kansas city and san antonio and through portions
3:38 am
of the central plain states. back to the ozarks. memphis today weighing in at 97 degrees. 91 in raleigh. same for tampa and same for atlanta, georgia. that's a quick look at the fox travelcast. all right, mr. scoreboard, good news with pigskin. >> finally, time for players to put on the pads and get back to play for pay. the nfl lockout officially over. yesterday, players voted to ratify a new 10 year collective bargaining agreement with the owners. players who have been sitting around, we hear, will report to camp within days. >> getting ready and getting the bodies back to shape. guys that haven't put on pads since the end of january, haven't made the playoffs so it's been a long time. so the guys are going to have to get going quickly. >> larry fitzgerald knows where east going to go. what about the guys without a team? the free agents out there. others will be looking to move on and others will get cut. there will be a lot of movement. don't pick your rotisserie team yet. preseason action begins august 11th. los angeles moving one step closer to getting an nfl
3:39 am
franchise. there's a tentative agreement now between city negotiators and aeg, the company that wants to build a stadium. it would cost $1.2 billion, with no taxpayer dollars going to the project, at least five teams reportedly interested in moving to l.a. and i hate to tell you, gretchen carlson but one of them is the minnesota vikings because their roof keeps collapsing and they need a new stadium and we'll see. >> well, let's blame mother nature because she put all that stuff on top of it. >> i really do. i blame that. >> blame game is quite popular right now. all right, so who's come up on the radio show today? >> we have neil cavuto kicking it off in studio and jennifer griffin will be talking about what's happening in the pentagon with a trillion dollars worth of cuts and gretchen carlson will be here, she seems really nice and smells good, according to steve. >> ok. on that note, let's talk about somebody else who i think smells good as well, at least according to this pastor. a tennessee pastor was doing the invocation or the prayer at a
3:40 am
nascar race recently and he's going along and it sounds kind of normal and then all of a sudden, he calls out his wife. listen to this. >> i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife tonight, lisa. my two children, eli and emma. we like to call them the little e's. lord, i pray to bless the drivers from tonight, may they put on a performance worthy of this great track. in jesus name, boogety, boogety, amen. >> didn't want to do a cookie cutter kind of prayer. >> let's face it. how many times are you listening to a long prayer and you start kind of nodding off a little in church? come organization let's be honest but it's the preacher, man or woman actually said smoking hot husband or smoking hot wife, you'd pay attention. >> remember the documentary, steve, on nascar that came out a few years ago on will ferrell. >> apparently, the pastor watched it the night before. it sure sounds a lot like ricky
3:41 am
bobby. listen. >> dear lord, baby jesus or as our brothers to south call you, hesus, we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of domino's, kfc and the always delicious taco bell. i want to take time to say thank you for my family. my two beautiful, beautiful handsome striking sons, booker and texas ranger, and, of course, my red hot smoking wife, carly who is a stone cold fox. >> very good. so in one, you had will ferrell acting in talladega nights and the other, you had a fellow by the name of joe nelms from the nashville family baptist pastorp to god. >> amazing. >> straight ahead, earned him his points with his wife, trust me. he admits to killing dozens of people and shows no remorse. how come the norway suspect may get off with a life sentence?
3:42 am
judge napolitano explains that country's law that gives everyone a second chance. >> an outrageous snub on our soldiers. homeowners association says tear down that sign supporting their marine but signs for sports teams are ok. that marine's mom joins us coming up shortly.
3:43 am
3:44 am
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3:46 am
black swan producer and production is scheduled to begin next year. guys? >> also did cadyshack. >> that's right. >> moving on, anders breivik admitted to police he detonated a bomb at the parliament building in norway and then went on a shooting rampage at a camp leaving 76 people in his wake. >> despite that, he could be out of jail in just 21 years. joining us now to explain why all this is fox news judicial analyst and author of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano. what kind of system is this that would give a maximum of 21 years? >> i share your outrage and i think most americans do. it just looks at the defendant at jail and at the purpose of jail very differently than we do. in america, the purpose of jail is to punish the defendant and keep that person away from society where they can't harm anyone. in norway, the attitude is he'll change while he's in jail. he'll become a better person and then he'll be acceptable to
3:47 am
society. 21 years is the maximum penalty for any crime. no matter what it is. no matter how horrific it is. no matter how many people have died in norway. now, it's credit for time off. but at the time of release, if the government thinks he's a danger to society, he's entitled to a new trial with a maximum additional of five years. at the end of those five years, they can try him again with another five years. at the end of those five years, they can try him again with a potential additional five years. so it is an entirely different view of the relationship of punishment to criminal. >> well, he did admit that he killed all those people. >> he's still entitled to a jury trial. >> then he turned around and said not guilty. >> i think what he wants is to make some bizarre political statement so that the world can hear it. >> he's good at that already. >> nin order to prevent him fro doing that, he's already in solitary confinement and isolated from any opportunity to speak with the media. a time will come under
3:48 am
norweigian law where he will have his say in a public courtroom with the media there and able to spew this nonsense however he feels it will advance his cause. >> very curious to see what the victims' families, what role they'll play if they're expressing any of the outrage and dismay that we have or are they so used to the system that they'll accept that? >> i don't think that this society has seen this type of killing since world war ii so it has not happened in the lifetime of most people now living in norway. and they have a problem with guns. it's very easy to get a rifle in norway for hunting. a handgun, almost impossible. 76 people were killed on that island. nobody had a handgun. if somebody did, they might have been able to take this crazy guy out before he did all of his damage. >> yep. >> all right, judge andrew napolitano always a pleasure. >> no matter what we talk about, it's always a pleasure. >> it always is. you can watch him and that's a pleasurable event as well, weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. >> you'll be on the five tonight. >> what a wild experience that is! >> i know.
3:49 am
these other people, these other people. >> the other four. >> thank you, guys. >> meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a marine's family is told to take down a sign supporting their son. but posters supporting sports teams a-ok. the marine's mom here live. >> and kids, there's about to be no more happy in your happy meals. starting today, they're being replaced with the healthy meal. now how are we going to sell it to the kids? you can thank the fat police for that, brian. sorry, mayor mccheese. [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl.
3:50 am
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3:52 am
>> welcome back, everyone. a military family finds
3:53 am
themselves in hot water after putting up a sign to support their son currently serving in afghanistan. their home owners association now suing them claiming the sign violates community rules. but jodi burr says they're being treated differently than other home owners in the area that have different signs posted. she's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. so tell me, your son is currently serving in afghanistan. he's 20-year-old cory burr. tell me when you decided to put up this sign in your yard. >> we did it soosz he as soon a deployed. >> when was that? >> in january. we're looking at pictures of your sign here and it talks about the fact that your son is fighting for our freedom. we love you and we miss you. what's offensive about that? >> that's the big question in all of this. we don't know. we've just been asked to remove the sign. >> so you actually had a letter from the home owners association from your subdivision, is that how you found out that they were going to ask you to remove it
3:54 am
first or did the letter say we're automatically going to sue you? >> no, ma'am, the letters asked for removal. i received three letters asking for removal and we immediately responded to them in writing ourselves and asked in return for revision of our covenants to sit down and talk about the way the covenants are stated and how restrictive they are. our covenants simply state "no sign on any property in view of the public." and we asked respectfully in writing if we could, you know, sit down with our board and talk about maybe revising those covenants and we received no response. and after three letters, then we were threatened with a lawsuit. >> all right. now, here's the statement from the attorney for the home owners association. interested to get your thoughts on it after i read it. the message and content of the sign located in the burrs' front yard has nothing to do with the current legal dispute involving the sign. i guess what they're saying is they're not against saying
3:55 am
patriotism and honoring your son. they're just against the idea that you have a sign. but you're here to tell us this morning that there are a plethora of other signs in your neighborhood like what? >> well, there's school support signs, there's team support signs, sports teams, there's signs that advertise security systems in homes, just a whole plethora. there's religious signs. we have a couple of other signs in our lot that are in view of the public so by definition, they, too, are infraction but they've not come into question. >> so your home owners association, do you pay dues to that association? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. >> so they're using the dues from your neighborhood to sue you? >> yes, ma'am. i'm suing myself, i guess. >> and what has been the reaction from most of the neighbors in your community? >> we've received a great deal of support from all of the neighbors we've spoken with, quite honestly, we don't know of a single neighbor who lives near us or in our neighborhood who
3:56 am
has brought a complaint against our sign. we don't know where any of this is coming from. specifically. we've just heard from the president of the home owners association. >> and do you have any plans of taking it down? >> not until we're ordered by a judge to do so or until our son comes home. >> bow. jodi burr, thanks for being our guest today. we'll let our viewers weigh in on this one. let us know at thanks, jodi and thanks for your son's service. why work out when tax dollars can do it for you? tax dollars paying for weight loss surgery. is that a good investment? a blast from the past. >> wow! this place is great. when can we move in? you got to try this pole. i'm going to get my stuff! >> bill murray's mansion up for sale now. wait until you hear about one of the amenities. there's more than just that pole. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain
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4:00 am
>> top of the morning to you. i hope you're going to have a great tuesday. it's july 26th. thanks for sharing your time. i'm gretchen carlson. debt debacle takes center stage again. are you tired of these yet? dualing primetime speeches. again. >> there's no point in putting the economy at risk by kicking the can further down the road. >> the president would not take yes for an answer. >> so when does the blame game stop and the deficit cutting begin? one week away, folks. one week away. >> it looks like president obama has found a phrase that pays. >> balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. >> but will the american people buy that? or perhaps, think it's another political power play. >> you think he got that from us? fair and balanced. >> i'm not sure. >> one state asking taxpayers to
4:01 am
pay for obese people to get weight loss surgery. will cutting the fat really help cut the budget? "fox & friends", our balanced approach starts right now. >> it's just now hit 50 degrees in this studio. you see, there's this ongoing war. you think there's a war on capitol hill. there's a war on this couch about the temperature in this studio. brian likes to keep it -- i think steve, too, at 50 degrees or so, right? >> no, here's the deal. when it's 110 outside, gretchen would like it 99 inside. we just thought it would be good so we could maybe -- how about 70? >> sure. >> if that thing says 70 i'll pay you a million bucks. >> again? >> we're not talking about millions. we aren't talking about billions. we're talking about trillions of dollars hanging in the balance as the united states congress tries to figure out how to raise
4:02 am
the debt limit and last night, we had the president of the united states. he came across and talked for 14 minutes. two minutes later, he was followed by five minutes worth of john boehner who had a rebuttal. >> yeah, it's getting bad and the president really wants to deal himself back into the conversation that ended friday night for him because the speaker of the house says i'm done. i can't continue to deal with you. you keep moving the goal post. i'm going to deal with harry reid. you keep changing the deal. >> the president said i cannot get a return phone call and he feels as though he's been left at the altar and that's pretty much the theme of the speech last night. here's the president. >> we know what we have to do to reduce our deficits. there's no point at putting the economy at risk by kicking the can further down the road. >> all right. and then john boehner came out for his response to that. >> i want you to know i made a sincere effort to work with the president to identify a path
4:03 am
forward that would implement the principles of cut, cap and balance in a manner that could secure bipartisan support and be signed into law. i'll tl you, i gave it my all. unfortunately, the president would not take yes for an answer. even when we thought we might be close to an agreement, the president's demands change. >> this is what america is so tired about -- about washington in general, press conference after press conference after statement after statement, just do something! this -- this is just political posturing and the minute that the president speaks, of course, john boehner has to get up and speak. you don't want him to have center stage by himself but for goodness sakes, how many times do we have to listen to the same talking points? my goodness. do something. >> well, i think what john boehner was talking about there at the end was they were really close to a deal and apparently, according to "the washington post," they were. harry reid, mitch mcconnell, john boehner were all on the same page. they were going to go for the two step plan. they took it up to -- harry reid took it up to the president and the president said wait, this is a short term deal. i told you, i don't want a short
4:04 am
term deal. why doesn't he want a short term deal? this white house is obsessed with re-election and if you look at what he said last night, he blamed bush. he blamed wars, he blamed tax cuts but he still didn't have a plan of his own. >> right. and i will add this. the one thing that we have not discussed which i thought was way out of bounds is the fact that he warned social security recipients they might not be getting their checks. >> yeah. >> so when you -- >> like the grandma card again. >> again, the lines go crazy and people start getting panicky and they're on fixed income and they have plenty of money to pay social security checks and i can't imagine a priority in which if something does happen on august 3rd and we don't have a deal yet, that the social security checks are not going to go out. >> one thing that this administration was fantastic with when they were campaigning to become president was giving speeches. and having the american people like this president. now, they have researched the buzz words that are working with the american people specifically the independents. president obama needs the independents on his side in this
4:05 am
whole debt ceiling discussion so he talks about ronald reagan and he talks about a balanced approach. a lot of times. he talks about millionaires and billionaires, that they should pay more taxes and he blames bush. how many times did he say balanced approach? you count. >> this balanced approach asks everyone to give a little. the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now. now, keep in mind that under a balanced approach, what we're talking about under a balanced approach. a predecessor of mine made the case for a balanced approach by saying this. but today, many republicans in the house refuse to consider this kind of balanced approach. if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of congress know. >> they melted john boehner's lines. >> apparently, yeah, he -- his web site went down so the president asking for a balanced approach asking people to call their congressman, let him know where they stand but his balanced approach says he's got to have the republicans cave.
4:06 am
if you look at what happened last november, it was very clear. landslide for the tea party republicans and their message was clear. washington has got to stop spending all that money. , of course that was the last election, charles krauthammer looks at the next presidential election and saw a lot of that last night. >> it was purely partisan. it was meant as a campaign speech. and i think it was a speech from yesterday. it has nothing to do with the current negotiations. he's pushing the balanced approach, a word which he knows is tested by his pollsters. as appealing to independents. it's all that this is about. he used all the cliches that would help him with that constituency. >> what does a balanced approach mean? according to john boehner, it means we spend more in washington, you pay more. that has a slightly different tone to it, doesn't it, when you actually give the definition to it. we spend more, you pay more. if you explained it that way, how many people would be in
4:07 am
favor of a balanced approach? you might get a different response. >> it's like saying revenues, we have to increase revenues. >> it's taxes. >> that means taxes, exactly. >> let's talk about where the tea party lines up in all of this. not on the president's happy list. the tea party really was vilified and beaten up from pillar to post yesterday. the president almost saying i feel bad for speaker boehner. he's trying to cut a deal and can't get his own caucus together. he's trying, they say to isolate and divide the republican side, point to john boehner as the reasonable one being essentially held hostage by the tea party. here is a tea party candidate senator mike lee. >> amid all this call for compromise, he refuses to acknowledge that it's republicans, tea party republicans like myself especially who were behind the one and only legislative proposal to do this. i wrote the cut, cap and balance act and introduced it in the senate with 40 some odd co-sponsors and saw it get past in the house a few days later harry reid and the democratic caucus decided to kill it.
4:08 am
they're trying to bypass this and cram down the throats of the american people a precooked deal that their legislative elected leaders won't have the opportunity to debate and discuss on the merits. >> only reason we're having this debate right now about the debt ceiling is because of the tea party. that is the only reason why when you look back in history, both republicans and democrats have voted every single year, multiple times to raise the debt ceiling. the reason it's different this year is because the tea party exists and because of the midterm election. >> then the deficits have aun precedented $14.3 trillion. senator schumer sees the tea party differently. who would have thought? >> if you think it's sort of even steven to have a small group of extreme people drive the whole debate on the republican side and then democrats should give in? that makes no sense because it's terrible for the country. those 100 people do not represent america. >> we should point out that
4:09 am
allen west who is big with the tea party crowd, he likes the john boehner deal and says he will support it. he says it has enough of what i need including no tax hikes, spending caps and a step towards a balanced budget. >> that's the two tier plan. >> exactly right. >> we should point out the grover norquist group also support it because it does not have any new taxes. >> couple of headlines for your tuesday. the lawyer for norway terror suspect anders breivik speaking right now. he says the whole case suggests his client, here we go, is insane. he adds that breivik claims he's in a state of war and is part of a larger organization with cells in several western countries and employees of norway's justice ministry is still missing following the bombing and shooting rampage, norway's justice minister defending the actions of the police even though it took them 930 minutes to reach that island shooting. a makeshift cathedral as sprung
4:10 am
up. the mountains of cards growing by the minute. the death toll is revised now down to 76. you may soon have to walk that letter to your friend's house. say it isn't so. as revenues decline, the u.s. postal service may close over 3600 post offices nationwide. it would mainly affect rural areas that gets less mail. grocery stores and gas stations are being looked at as future providers. they want to go from six days a week delivery schedule to five days. it would save billions apparently but as many as 1,000 jobs could be cut. are happy meals turning into healthy meals now? mcdonald's will announce today they're adding fruits or vegetables to happy meals and reducing the portion of french fries. they already had fruit anyway. remember, you can always get apples. they first experimented with cutting fries all together but kids and parents weren't too happy about that. apples, oranges, carrots and raisins will be included and you'll start seeing these changes coming to your stores in september.
4:11 am
three teenagers remain hospitalized this morning recovering from a brutal bear attack in the alaska wilderness. sam gotsegen and joshua burg were mauled by a grizzly that chased a group of teens participating in an outdoors skills course. one of the teens arrived to california to hugs and kisses from his family, he's being credited for helping to stop that attack. >> kicked him dead up in his face, like right in the middle. kicked him. he was done after that, k.o. he didn't mess with me. >> one tough guy. well, the bear bit martin's ankle as you can see there. but guess what? he's going to join us live just 20 minutes from now to talk about this incredible story of survival. and he'll tell us how well those other two teens are doing. >> he may have saved some lives. >> no doubt. >> all right. straight ahead, the president repeatedly rejecting republican ideas to reduce the deficit. is he putting his political future before our economic future? juan williams gives his takes when we come back.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> welcome back, everyone, in the president's speech last night on the debt ceiling, the blame game was in full effect. see what you think. >> the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now is because a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. a cuts only approach. an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest
4:16 am
corporations to contribute anything at all. >> is the president using the debt ceiling as political capital to get re-elected. let's ask juan williams and he's author of a new book called "muzzled, the assault on honest debate." when i heard that, i heard a lot of buzz words last night, balanced approach, millionaires and billionaires blaming bush again, was this more about re-election and appealing to the independents in society? >> i don't know it's about re-election although i think politics is part of this game on both sides and i think what you're seeing here is the president saying that he believes in -- as we just demonstrated this morning on "fox & friends", he keeps repeating this phrase balanced approach to deliver a message to the voters. on the republican side, they keep delivering a message, no tax hikes that we promised, we got elected. we believe on this mandate and there's going to be no tax hikes in the package. they believe that's going to work with the voters to deliver the voters to them come 2012. >> let's take a look at the
4:17 am
recent gallup poll. i want to get your thoughts on this. it has to do with the president's approval rating so now he ties a new low and the rating is lower than president clinton's was during the budget crisis of 1995. do you read anything into that? >> well, if you look at, again, you have to be very careful in these numbers. remember, president george h.w. bush had very low numbers if you go back and, of course, had to battle over that at the same time, had very high approval ratings. what we're seeing here is that president obama's approval ratings are going down especially on handling of the budget. he's still close, though to 50%. if you look at the republican numbers on handling these budget issues and budget negotiations, they're even lower than president obama's, if you ask people who is going to get the blame and believe me, republicans know this all too well going back to what happened with bill clinton in those budget negotiations, republicans look like they're in line to get the blame. >> one interesting thing to me last night, we did not hear the word veto from this president and he's made it clear in every
4:18 am
other press conference if they send him a short term deal, he'll veto it. was that a deliberate omission last night? >> i think he doesn't want to spook the markets and right now, they are on the edge of the presipous with doing damage to my 401k and yours by driving up the risk rating for all of us, interest rates, value of the dollar, not good stuff. and i think they all understand they don't want to violate -- to break that august 2nd deadline. john boehner has said it. mitch mcconnell has said it on the republican side and the democrats have said it as well. >> something that wasn't so good for you was your experience at npr which happens last year when you were fired. you have done a quick turn around on a book, fantastic book called "muzzled". a great title because you felt like you were muzzled in the situation there. right? >> yeah, you know, something -- again, we're talking about the budget debate this morning and i think you guys are right on target. when you say look, people are talking about -- i've got this plan, i've got that plan. here's my message to the voters. here's this message. say, you know, we don't need
4:19 am
competing plans. we need a deal. we need people who are going to talk to each other and offer not only the ability to speak and shout and use bumper sticker slogans but actually listen to each other and then compromise and reach a deal in service to the american people. and what i've had in my experience after i got fired was so many people came up to me and said, you mean because you get nervous at airports when you see people in muslim garb after 9/11, you got fired? you know, i have a similar feeling and the people start to say i can't talk about certain things or someone will call me a bigot or if i want to talk about immigration reform, they say oh, you want amnesty for the illegals? i can't talk about immigration in this country. i can't talk about energy in this country. everybody says you're a crazy left winger or you're a crazy right winger. >> it's all about political correctness. >> it is and then you can't have an honest conversation. >> that's what you talk about in this fantastic new book called "muzzled." you have to pick it up out there. he stopped a mama grizzly from
4:20 am
mauling a group of teens. >> kicked him dead up in his face like right in the middle. bow, kicked him. >> the boy who took on the bear here live just moments away. then obese people cost the health care system so much money, taxpayers are better off footing the bill for weight loss surgery. does that make sense to you? our next guest says yep! but do you want your taxes paying for that? we'll debate it. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
4:21 am
carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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4:23 am
>> all right. time for your news by the numbers. let's take a quick look at what's happening. first 75 million, that's how
4:24 am
many americans suffer from hypertension. the city with the highest rate, memphis, tennessee. next, going to show you this. $2.79 million, that's how much money i need to spend if i want to buy this mansion in new jersey once owned by the great bill murray. in that mansion, according to reports that have been confirmed by our pole experts, there's the pole used in the ghostbusters movie. and finally 1 million bucks. let's go up top. that's how much the chinese tea cups are worth and makes them the most valuable items brought to an antiques roadshow and according to the prompter, i'm out of stuff to read. steve's name is highlighted so i'll toss to him. steve? >> yes, indeed. right there. let's read along. the state of oregon is asking its citizens to pay for obese people to get weight loss surgery. the state claims that cutting the fat now will save them health care costs in the future. but should this be the taxpayers' responsibility? here for a fair and balanced
4:25 am
depate from detroit, plastic surgeon and a bariatric surgeon. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you think this is a good idea, if a person is obese, if you spend the money now, you'll ultimately spend less money down the road. >> exactly. it's purely an economical reason behind this. obese people spend approximately $2200 more a year in health care related dollars vs. nonobese people and studies are showing after bariatric surgery that costs from $10,000 to $25,000, these costs are recouped in five years and sometimes even less. we're making people healthier. >> that sounds great and it looks great on paper but doctor, you do this particular kind of surgery for a living. if a person has the surgery, does that then change their life? >> well, it can.
4:26 am
certainly, people have varied results following these procedures and it's my opinion that a patient has to take personal responsibility to some degree. now, he's correct in that certainly the savings can be dramatic but the savings are really to the patient and less food costs and less medication costs down the road. >> dr. sewell, tell us about the lady you told us about during the commercial what she said before she had the surgery to you. >> well, she's just one example and the patient who basically told me, she said, i just want to have the surgery to make me skinny but i want to be able to eat anything and everything that i've always eaten because that's my lifestyle and clearly, that's a major issue and the state of oregon or any other government agency has no way of assuring the commitment of the individual patient when it comes to how they're going to change their behavior. >> sure. and you'd have to admit there
4:27 am
probably are people like that, they figure ok, i'm going to get that surgery and be skinny and eat whatever i want to. you really have to address the lifestyle and people have got to take responsibility, if i'm going to have this $25,000 surgery paid for by the state, maybe i should do my best to keep my weight under control. >> i agree with that. you take into account people are helping people to quit smoking. these kind of programs do make sense. they save us money in the long haul. isn't that what we want in addition to people being healthier. >> doctor, i'll give you the final word. what do you think? do you think this is a good idea what oregon is doing? >> you think any time the government or any other third party gets involved with the patient-physician relationship, it begins to sour that circumstance and every patient should have their right to choose as soon as the government or any other third party gets involved, that right to choose will be taken away. >> we invite our viewers right now who are watching, what do you think about this particular
4:28 am
procedure up in oregon? thank you very much. great discussion this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks, steve. >> all right, straight ahead on the rundown on this tuesday, he kicked a grizzly in the face and lived to tell about it. the teenage boy who took on a bear to save his friends will join us live from california next. and can he bend it like beckham? brian and his kids taking on the soccer star. we'll see how the kilmeads match up. then she's used to recording her performances but when mariah carrie does live tv, things can get a little weird. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
4:29 am
vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection
4:30 am
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4:32 am
>> shot of the morning. >> here it is. shot of the morning, mls all star game is taking place tomorrow night right here in new jersey. that was my son taking shots yesterday. the guiness book of world records was down in new york city and they were trying to set consecutive penalty kicks, new record for consecutive penalty kicks by -- in a single time and they did yesterday. so the whole -- all my soccer teams were down there. >> all part of history now. >> all part of history. >> it was fantastic. >> did they get any advice? >> yes, they did. and i believe we're going to hear a little bit. one of the kids -- by the way,
4:33 am
you know who this is. >> that's a good kick. >> yes, alex morgan from the women's national soccer team was down there and david beckham was down there who we'll talk to today and you'll see tomorrow but one of the kids on my team, this little kid, james, who is the brother of andrew, he actually got a shot on goal and was very thrilled to score. >> james! james, come here! what was it like scoring that goal? >> kicking it. >> it was just kicking it. >> yeah. >> great feeling. you're going to remember it your whole life? >> yeah. >> i have the experience from sideline reporting. i was able to do it right there. >> those are amazing questions. >> did you dress up for that event? >> they gave me stuff. >> you're in costume. >> i really was. here's alex morgan was talking
4:34 am
to my daughter afterwards. very nice. >> now, this is kirsten. do you see anything about how she approaches the ball besides the shyness? >> oh, man! >> kirsten! >> good job. >> this is alex morgan, remember watching her score? >> yeah. >> you have anything to say about her? >> you're amazing! >> thank you. i like your run-up, you know. just pick one side of the goal and you're good. >> you got it? >> ok. good job. >> one month ago, no one knew who she was. now she was outside beckham was the biggest star there. and she has people around her now. >> great encouragement to kids that will never forget that. >> possibly, unless disney does something. meanwhile, here's what else is happening. >> what started as a camping trip of a lifetime for a group of teenagers in alaska's
4:35 am
wilderness turned into a nightmare when they were attacked by an aggressive grizzly bear. >> two of the teens suffered life threatening injuries and might not be alive if it wasn't for the help of one of their friends, victor martin who courageously kicked the bear away and he just happens to be joining us live right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what a harrowing experience for the three of you. now, bring us back to the scene where you're up in alaska and this bear trying to protect the cub comes after you guys. >> well, yeah, it was a terrifying experience. i found myself hiking through the wilderness with a group of friends and next thing you know, you have this big bear, you know, leaping towards one of our friends. my first reaction, you know, was to take off my backpack and run, you know, which i did along with everyone else. i felt -- i think that was like the smart thing to do.
4:36 am
eventually running helped me for a little while before i got bit in the leg by the bear. i turned around and i kicked the bear up in his face as hard as i could to get away. i just felt like it was probably like the right thing for me to do. i didn't think playing dead, you know, would help me at all, you know, at the moment. and i think kicking the bear up in the face was probably the best thing i could have done. >> no kidding, victor. that's one of the things they say, you know, if you come into the wilderness and there's a bear around, play dead or don't move and maybe they'll go on but in this particular circumstance, he had already -- he had already attacked two of your friends from this month long expeditio and you were next on the menu. and -- >> three. >> ok, three of them. so you kicked him as hard as you could and then what happened? >> he took off running. he took off running and i limped my way up the hill. as i got up the hill to safety,
4:37 am
everything was clear. i slid down on my butt and i got over to one of my friends and i helped him in the best way i possibly could. he could meat hanging out by his head and i did the best i could. apply pressure to stop him from bleeding. had to set up a tent, carry them inside the tent. i didn't know -- i knew i was in pain but i didn't know anything was really just wrong with me until, you know, they actually told me to check on myself. when i did, that's when i had found out that i had blood soaking through my sock. >> so victor, you three are hurt. you're helping each other. how long did it take for you to get help? >> around eight to nine hours. >> wow. >> how did you -- >> eight to nine hours. >> wow. i understand some of you had hypothermia or one had hypothermia because it was pretty cold. >> josh, you know, he was shaking, you know, real bad because like after the whole
4:38 am
incident, it started to rain. and it started to rain real hard. so i guess josh was sitting on the side, we had took all of our clothes out of our backpack and everything because -- and use it to cover him up and he just kept shaking like nothing that we put on him made him stop shaking until we got him up in the tent. we did the best we could to keep him warm. whether it was body heat, laying on him to try to keep him warm. checking his pulse every 10 minutes. he had a couple of other people help along with that. >> so it was our understanding, victor, that you were there without an instructor. so was it just the group of teens and was it these sort of life saving skills that you were actually using on this trip that helped you all to survive? >> well, jesus, the whole thing -- just -- the whole -- the
4:39 am
lesson we were taught in camp is that if the bear comes around, pull the bug spray out and spray the bear which i discovered, you know, unfortunately, i've discovered that you don't have enough time to pull out bear spray and mace the bear and the bear is so fast, it's almost impossible. you need to have it somewhere, you know, in -- somewhere around you. >> yes. >> somewhere in your hands at all times so you can like pull it out and use it. and if the weather is not -- if the weather is not good enough, i'm not even sure if that might work because if the wind is blowing a certain direction, you just might get maced yourself. >> sure. good point. now this happened on day 24 of a one month expedition out in alaska and i understand that the purpose of the trip was to teach you young folks how to recognize, avoid and manage risk. all right. given that that's what that was about, what have you learned
4:40 am
here? >> i've learned how to use a map. that's one -- i learned how to use a map. read a compass. and everything else. >> yeah. >> victor, the other thing is were you actually found because you somehow got a hold of the national guard. what did you use to get attention after nine hours? >> well, they gave us beacons, i guess like a button that you can press and it would send like a signal to the ranch and the ranch will call like a chopper, you know, to come check out and see, you know, what's the problem. and we had used it. we weren't sure if it was working or not. we were sitting around nervous reading the instructions trying to figure out if we were using it right and everything else. you know, because we had a little class probably about five or 10 minutes on how to use it. so we just went off of what we learned.
4:41 am
in the class. >> victor. >> it worked. >> are your friends going to survive? >> i believe so. i believe so. they're in god's hands. >> how is your foot? >> swollen. in pain. but i'll get through it. >> all right. victor martin who kicked a grizzly bear, we thank you very much for joining us today from san francisco. >> ever do that again, victor? >> if i have to. i hope not. >> i like your confidence. apparently, you had all the right life saving skills before you went on that trip. hats off to you, victor martin, great to talk to you. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> wow, what a story. now the rest of your headlines this morning, a new report claims the u.s. government was single handedly arming a mexican drug cartel for war in 2009 through the failed fast and furious program. all this while documents show atf agents lied to their fellow agents in mexico about the
4:42 am
number of weapons being sent across the border. arizona congressman paul gosar is on the house oversight and government reform committee and joined "fox & friends" last hour. >> what we did is facilitate criminal activity with placing guns in mexico, not telling the mexican government and they already had a civil war where over 40,000 people have lost their lives and we just made it worse! >> in addition, new evidence has also emerged showing the program allowed guns into the hands of convicted felons like these two men. >> all right, family and close friends will attend amy winehouse's funeral today in london, england, a scene all too reminiscent of this video. >> ♪ i got 100 times ♪ >> still don't know what killed her, though. yesterday's autopsy results inconclusive for the toxicology reports expected to take between two to four weeks. winehouse struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction and was found dead in her home. she was just 27 years old.
4:43 am
evidently, her boyfriend was upset with her because she had called her ex-boyfriend in prison. and they had a fight and that happened after. >> mariah carey really lets loose during an appearance on the home shopping network. >> pardon, sorry. looking into the particular camera to see the people. which one is that? >> right there, mariah. >> hi, folks. put the camera off me, please. i know you guys hear me. i see it on me. >> there it is. >> gosh, you're not on me. last time we had an issue. i won't get into it. >> what an attitude on hsn. >> by the end of her two hours on air, her unusual sales pitch included orders to the camera crew and even some made up words. >> all right. >> maybe they'll make it into the dictionary. >> it's on you tube. you'll be amazed by it. >> meanwhile, after over a century of caring for u.s. presidents and soldiers, walter reed is closing its hospital doors so what does that mean for our nation's heroes? that's up next. >> then tired of standing in the
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> caring for u.s. presidents, soldiers and more than 775,000 patients annually, a government commission is forcing the closure of walter reed army medical center. yep, colonel norvel is a senior of the health care system at the center. how do you feel about the closure? it's got to be a feeling of sadness. >> well, it is, i mean, there's a lot of mixed emotions that are going into the transition of walter reed right now. 102 years of service to the nation at our location but at the same time, great thought about the future for the military health system as we merge with the national naval medical center to create the walter reed national military
4:48 am
center so as i like to say, it will be the biggest and baddest military center in the world. >> i mean, walter reed with the iraq war and afghanistan war has been as busy as ever. is this more about money or is this about advancement? >> no, it's not really the money. it's about advancements in military health care. you know, walter reed is on 113 acres, 72 buildings built, you know, over the last century and the new techniques and things require more modern facilities. when you look at it, there's more land to build on in merging with national naval medical center and we've built about a million extra square feet there for all the new technology. >> you know, from the vice president, then vice president nixon, being treated for staph infection to the passing of general eisenhower to the people like douglas macarthur who passed away at walter reed. so much history. how will it be maintain ed? >> you know, the legacy of walter reed and all of this care
4:49 am
will go on as we're the flagship of army medicine as we merge with the flagship of navy medicine. that legacy will continue but the legacy is really all about the people who have cared for all of these heroes and all of these famous people over all the years. that will go on and that will endure. >> and i'm sure you have those stories and the people that work there. you say you know somebody that's been there since 1936? >> actually, there's a lady that i met two years ago at a thanksgiving ceremony and she had been coming to walter reed since 1936. and she said she wouldn't go any place else. there are people that have been born at walter reed that are working at walter reed today and generations of families so tremendous amount of stories. >> colonel, thanks for sharing them with us and good luck in bethesda, commander and ceo of the health care system. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> if you are -- as we move ahead, if you're looking for work or know someone who is looking for work, stick around. we have the top five companies hiring right now. that's next and the number one song on this day in 1982 "eye of the tiger" by survivor.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> you know this, the unemployment rate is still a whopping 9.2% and if you were waiting in one of those unemployment lines, like thousands are, we want to do our best to help you out of the line and into success and into a job. >> cheryl castoni from the fox business network is here with the top five companies hiring this week and this time you have salary range. >> i have salary ranges to add this week. i didn't have them last week. first company is chase, this is the retail commercial banking arm of j.p. morgan chase. i'm sure you've heard the name
4:54 am
from the financial crisis of 2008. they've got 200 positions in florida and another 400 spread throughout the united states. they're looking for managers, accountants, folks that can work into finance. the salary range is pretty sfred apart, though, $58,000 to $200,000 plus depending on the type of job you have and what your education is. go for it. >> meanwhile, let's go to sears. they're looking for a whole bunch of mr. goodwrenches. >> sears is interesting. remember they merged with kmart. it was not just sears, it's roebuck & company and kmart. they have 850 jobs right now in california and they need customer service folks. they have retail position, sales positions, and ninth largest retailer in the united states, they own jaclyn smith's brand. i'm sure you've interviewed her on the show but they are looking for, again, a multitude of options as far as jobs go. behind the counter, in front of the counter, sales floor, everything. >> salary range $58,000 to $68,000. we have extended health care
4:55 am
services. they're looking to employ 40,000, or that's how many total? >> that's how many total right now and we're all going to get old and they run senior facilities, rehab facilities, whether you're injured and need rehabilitation or senior center, they have these types of companies -- excuse me, facilities across the country. 267 long-term care. they need nurses. i have to tell you, if you're thinking about getting an education and you have any interest in being a nurse, that's the job to get. we still have a nursing shortage. >> absolutely. >> in this country. fascinates me. one of the jobs i found and i thought was great was life enrichment director and that's planning all the activities for all the -- >> that's great. >> fun. >> something different. something kind of fun. the range is $55,000 to $60,000 on that one. >> lightning round, radio shack. >> radio shack, they've had their struggles, i am not going to lie on this one. public company. jobs in texas, maryland right now. they offer all kinds of mobile phones and different types of plans that come with it and they
4:56 am
really are one of the nation's still largest consumer electronics retailers. again, they've had their issues. last one, i got to -- i love this one. this is stryker, they make medical devices used in arthroscopic surgeries. cameras, knee replacement. this is the one that i'll end up with, the triathalon total knee. they make that. they need folks that can do sales and they need engineers, they need managers and they're one of the top 100 companies according to forbes and remember, forbes uses an index based on employee evaluations of the company. and it's great if you want to telecommute range of $67,000 to $98,000. i'm going to tweet all these, too. you can find them on twitter. check out cheryl at 12:00 p.m. today eastern time. >> thanks, guys. >> meanwhile, her little boy was killed by a drunk driver but she's the one facing harsher jail time. why? because she was jaywalking when he got hit.
4:57 am
should mom be treated as the killer here? we'll report, you'll decide. >> then she's in love with the teacher but will she ever catch his eye? emma from the hit show "glee" here with the scoop. almost tastes like one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge.
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5:00 am
good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great tuesday. it's july 26th. i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time. the political show down went prime time. president obama and then speaker boehner. >> we can't allow the american people to become collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> both sides still standing firm. for what? our economy or reelection, could it be? >> meanwhile, her little boy was killed by a drunk driver, but his mom -- it's mom that might go to jail because she was jaywalking when he got hit. is the boy's mother the real killer? we'll report, you'll decide.
5:01 am
imagine the guy manning the morgue hearing a sudden knock at the door from the freezer. it turns out the person they put in there wasn't dead at all. sounds like the birth of a great sit come. "fox & friends" starts right now. you're watching "fox & friends", bes the great way to n your day. >> a sitcom or michael keaton in night shift? >> fre fred cantu fred claus st. let's talking about what's going on in washington. are you tired of the press conferences? doesn't it seem like we're looking at a press conference or a speech on a daily basis? president obama comes out first and says the same talking points. then the speaker of the house, jajohn boehner, comes out and
5:02 am
rebuts. no deal yet. >> in case you missed it, the president asked for prime time, and he got it. he was able to sit there and deliver a 14 minute speech where he outlined the deadlock in congress and what's at stake. he did it in a way as if it was remedial as if we've been asleep or in high ber nation and talked about and tried to pose himself as, and maybe effectively, as the adult in the room amongst all the bickering and the people paying the price are the american people. you could say if people went along with his plan that the people to pay the price would be the american people. john boehner would say that, anyway. >> we heard last night that it sounded like that was an old speech he gave because, in fact, he was talking about how we really need to raise taxes on the millionaires and billion nairs, the corporate jet stuff, things like that. there are two deals being talked about on capitol hill right now, the harry reid deal and the john boehner deal, and neither one of them has taxes on the table. anyway, here's the president
5:03 am
talking about how hey, americans, don't become collateral damage. call your congressmen and talk about tax increases. >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. it's a dangerous ge that we' never played before, and we can't afford to play it now. not when the jobs and liveliods of so many families are at stake. we can't allow the american people to become collateral dage to washington's political warfare. >> did you hear what he sai >> the presiden wants to raise tas on his buzz word phrase millionsariemillionsmillionaire. he talked a lot about invoking the spirit of ronal reagan ich tends to be t democts' strategy line in the last six weeks or so. d he blame bushs well? you be the judge when we play that a little bit later on. he said balanced approach a ga zillion times which accorng to john bhner means you pay in
5:04 am
more money and the deposit spends more. >> telling everyone we're failing, saying how dire it is, what kind of message is that to the world markets oro the ratings agency? ndle that in a interofce memond fd a way not to r down our economy and maybe keep th ratingsgency until you have a deal. jo boehner responded to the president right after. >> the president is adamant that we cannot make fundamental changes. as the father of two daughters, i those these programs won't be there until significant actions are taken now. the sad truth is the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is not going to happen. >> i thought john boehner did a good job coming back and rebutting what the president of the united states said. keep in mind a couple of days ago, according to the washington post, we had a deal. apparently reid and also
5:05 am
mcconnell and mr. boehner all came together, they had a short-term degree. harry reid was on board. it was a bi-partisan deal. they took it to the white house and the president said no, it's a short-term deal. i'm not going to go along with that. say no. was what happened last night simply the politics of getting reelected? >> he started his speech by blaming it all on bush. this is now three and a half years in. and what was so interesting is that he thought -- he's talked about himself as being a new reagan. that's how he sees himself, the liberal reagan. reagan could do one thing that almost n no modern president cod do. he could go to the nation and sway an issue. this is obama thinking he's going to achieve that. i don't know if he's going to succeed or not, but he spoke to the american people. remember what he told eric can cantor?
5:06 am
you call my bluff, i'll go to the people. that's his attempt. we'll see if it works. >> that's what they're banking on. let's face it. he was a magnificent campaigner and the american people voted him into office. the obama administration doing a lot of research on the message and the words that are going to work with the american people. did it work last night? was there anything new, though? >> joining us now, former deputy undersecretary of defense under president george w h.w. bush. welcome. >> hi, guys, how are you? >> how effective was the speech last night? >> well, which one? i think obama's speech was not very effective as charles pointed out. the only people who are going to be happy with it are environmentalists because it's all recycled material. i think boehner did very, very well. the issue here is obama has made it very clear over the past several weeks he'd rather america defaulted rather than forego the tax hikes he so a adm
5:07 am
antly insists on. the deal could have been made months ago if the president were not insistent on hiking taxes on small peek and smal -- small pee and small businesses. >> the interesting thing is harry reid, the leading democrat in the senate, his plan does not increase taxes, so the president's message last night was directly at odds with what the main democrat has put forward. did you find that fascinating? >> well, it is fascinating, and i think harry reid has a more realistic view than the president does. if you remember, they tried i think two or three times already to get tax increases voted on in the senate and reid was not able to get them passed. for all of kent conrad, the budget chairman saying we've got to do this and that, raise taxes, they don't have the votes among the democrats to do this. it's time the president realized that and as boehner said last night, he's not going to have a blank check. the really interesting thing to me here, you've got competing
5:08 am
narratives. the president wants the narrative to be well, we're making a balanced approach. that means tax hikes versus debt ceiling increases. that's not the balanced approach. the balanced approach is debt ceiling increases versus spending cuts, and that's the narrative the american people voted for last november. this president doesn't want to go there. >> of course, when this president was a senator, he voted not to raise the debt ceiling limit. however, he did bring up his prepreds andpredecessor and whan the past. >> in the past, raising the debt ceiling was routine. since the 1950s, congress has always passed and every president signed it. president reagan did it 18 times. george w. bush did it seven times, and we have to do it by next tuesday, august 2nd, or else we won't be able to pay all of our bills. >> i just read an op ed you wrote called all drama obama,
5:09 am
and you talk a little bit about how he could be using this crisis as a political tool. >> absolutely. it is a political tool. that's the only reason why they won't go along with a six-month extension. the president wants to get this issue off the table. he knows it's damaging. he knows the simple reason the tea party even exists is two things, the obama care bill, and the outrageius spending. we have never had a situation before. all these other debt ceiling increases have never been in the context of a spending crisis like we have right now. my sons are not going to have social security. heck, they're probably not going to be able to buy a decent house because this economy is going tango uniform thanks to this president. >> his approval ratings at 43%, lower than bill clinton at a similar time in his presidency. we'll see how the president survives this when we get an answer because right after that, he's got 9% unemployment to tackle. >> absolutely. he's got to face these issues, and they're terribly damaging.
5:10 am
it's like carville said in '82 or finite two, it's the economy, stupid. that's what it's going to be all next year. barack obama is terrified of that. >> the former member of 41 cabinet, thank you, sir, for joining us live. >> thanks very much. your headlines. the lawyer for anders breivik speaking out an hour ago. he said breivik asked him how many people he killed. the lawyer started laying out a possible insante insanity defen. >> he believes that when you're in war, you can do things like that. >> in the meantime, makeshift memorials are springing up all over oslo including this mountain of cards, flowers, and candles outside the c cathedral. the death toll has been revised to 76. a stunning report claims our government was single handedly arming the mexican government
5:11 am
through the fast and furious program. >> what we did is facilitate criminal activity by placing guns in mexico, not telling the mexican government, and then they've already had a civil war where 40,000 people have lost their lives. we just made it worse. >> new evidence shows the program allowed guns into the hands of convicted fel felons le these two men pictured here. the u.s. postal service may be forced to close over 3600 post offices nationwide, mainly affecting rural areas that get less mail. grocery stores and gas stations are looked at as future service providers. postal officials want to go from delivering six days a week to only five. it would save billions, but as many as 20,000 people could lose their jobs. she might be 70 years old and carry a cane, but don't mess with this grandma. her attacker in for a rude awakening after trying to break into her home in manchester, new hampshire, and he was naked.
5:12 am
>> i said no, no. not in my house. i grabbed my bat, and i hit him. a couple of times. >> be strong. there's always a way to protect yourself. use it. >> the suspect quickly took off and is still on the loose. now, if he's still naked, he'll be easy to find, more easy than if he's clothed. >> good point. straight ahead, a boy killed by a driver who admitted he was drinking but his mom could get locked up because she was jaywalking when he got hit. she could do more time than the driver. peter johnson, jr. on that case next. and she's in love with the glee club teacher, but will she ever catch his eye? emma from glee joins us live from the scoop. you're watching "fox & friends". i had a het problem.
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5:16 am
a driver who admitted drinking hit and killed her 4-year-old in a crosswalk, but she could get behind more time behind bars than the man who actually killed her son because she was jaywalking when her child was struck. >> i've had, like i said, to accept that he has gotten six months. there's nothing i can do about it, and even though he has had a history of it, i know, you know, nobody gets up that day and says i'm going to kill a 4-year-old, so i've had to forgive that portion of it. however, i think he'll come after me so much harder than they did him. it's a slap in the face.
5:17 am
this will never end for me. >> we're going to examine this. >> hi, brian. >> she outlined it perfectly. what's wrong with the justice system? >> she lost her 4-year-old son because she was jaywalking across the street .3 of a mile across the crosswalk. she walked to the median and with other people waited, and then one child darted out and the others followed. she was struck along with another child and her boy, a.j., died. the prosecutors screwed up here, this is outrageous that this case was brought against this woman. we have to understand in our society measure for measure, punishment fitting the crime, but also in many, many cases, justice tempered with mercy. obviously she made a mistake. obviously she is living with this every day. obviously she is not only in this sense the so-called criminal now i that she's being convicted b. you she's also the
5:18 am
ultimate crime victim, so our criminal justice system needs to have a sense of balance. we need to say yes, you made a mistake, but at the same time why isn't there a crosswalk there? why is it allowed to go on? >> how many moms are looking right now or older sisters walking their little brother across the street and haven't jay walked before. >> it could be you, it could be me, it could be my mother, grandmother, it could be any one of us. >> are you recommending they walk away from this case right now? >> no. they convicted her already. it was outrage outrageous that e ras brought. one of the great hallmarks of a great prosecutor is discretion, to say yes, you technically committed a crime, but at the same time i'm going to take into account the circumstances whether you're a good mother, whether you're a bad mother to begin with. no one said this is a bad mother to begin with. what we've done now is ignite a firestorm in this country.
5:19 am
if you look at twitter, if you look at the internet, some people are seeking to cause trouble and di in this country y this is a matter of race. why does casey anthony walk but raquel nelson not walk based on the circumstances here gland she has two other kids. >> mercy, mercy, mercy. >> right. hohomicide by vehicle in the second degree is the actual charge and conviction. thank you, peter. next on the rundown, can the government tax americans into eating healthier like an extra 50 cents on your jelly doughnut? the debate is next. eat up. then, imagine the morgue worker who heard a knock from inside the freezer. the guy inside didn't want to be frozen. he wanted to live. turn left.
5:20 am
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got some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. general elect is moving its extra headquarters to china. the biggest maker of medical imaging machines in the world is going to beijing. it's part of the company's plan to invest $2 billion in that country. the ceo of general electric is the head of president obama's job council. that's in this country, right. and the military flag at walter reed army medical center will be retired tomorrow. the hospital will start moving patients to a new facility in
5:24 am
nearby bethesda as it shuts the doors for good. walter reed has treated presidents and soldiers and was ordered close because of the age of the buildings. gretchen, over to you. thanks a lot. listen to this. should you pray more for -- pay more for french fries, doughnuts, and sugary sodas? some are suggesting a bad food tax. do we need a government policy or them policing this? joining us is robert ferguson and karen gilbert. good morning to both of you. >> let me start with you, robert. on its feas whe face when you h, you think this could generate billions of dollars. not sure where the money would go, maybe to pay off the deficit. it would generate billions if we only paid a penny an ounce on sugary benefits. sounds good, doesn't it? >> no, it doesn't sound good at all. we want to keep the government out of the game.
5:25 am
we want to go to the root of the problem which is education. it's not about making apples and oranges cheaper. the reality is going to the people and showing them how to maximize their overall metabolism and drop the weight and to become healthier. i want to know who defines what makes what foods healthy. no one has ever really talked about that. >> that would be my next question to karen because karen, what gets on the bad list? i could think of ten things right now, but would it be 50 things, 100 things? who determines that? >> we have to start at the beginning. there has to be a change. my first saying would be to tax foods that have absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. i would start with soda and take it from there. >> so foods that have no nutritional value. robert, would that be difficult to decipher? >> that would be extremely difficult. you're taking into account different cultures. in my world, i like mac mac and
5:26 am
cheese. i'm going to eat it. show me how i'm going to make it healthier and i get the results i want. it comes down about who is going to define what's healthy and what's not. at the same time, if it's unhealthy, why is it available anyway? >> karen, should it be about personal responsibility? it seems in our society we've moved away from that mantra and we want to find somebody else to blame. could it be that's what's at play here? >> absolutely. well, you're saying that its about education, about nutritional education, and about telling our children. of course, as a mother i want to have kne nutritional education,t it's a tough sell. the usda subsidizes all the agricultural markets like the corn and soy industries. therefore, that results in massive marketing, and cheaper foods, infe instead of -- sorry. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> i understand your point.
5:27 am
>> robert, i'll give you the last word. >> well, here's the deal. if we begin taxing, let's look at the people who are going to pass this tax. are they all healthy? are they drinking the same beverages and eating the same foods that they're claiming to be unhealthy? the reality is let's quit pointing the finger at everyone and let's take responsibility, meet people where they are and give them an opportunity to make it work based on their situation and circumstances, and let's keep in mind the psychosocial issues that go with weight loss and eating healthier and being healthier. >> all right. >> it's not about just more taxes. >> could be about moderation. robert and karen, thanks for your thoughts. >> thank you. it looks like president obama has found a word that he likes or words. >> balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. balanced approach. >> there's more to this than just a simple word or two. experts say it could be a
5:28 am
reelection ploy. then emma is moving on from "glee" club leader. now she has her eyes on brian? who is she going to end up with? we'll find out. there she is. come on in. ining high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ sun in the sky ♪ you know how i feel ♪ breeze drifting on by ♪ you know how i feel [ female announcer ] weight watchers, rated #1 best plan for weight loss by u.s. news and world report. join right now and you can join for a dollar. weight watchers. because it works.
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>> have you seen the democrats over the weekend? show the footage. there's nancy pelosi, john boehner. go over there. there's harry reid. freeze it right there. freeze it right there. harry reid and john boehner can't agree on a budget. they obviously agree on everything else. same hair, same glasses, same sport coat, same shirt. why can't you agree on this? same smile. >> they even had the same smile. >> that's called the washington look. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. with a week to go before the dead line, president obama and house speaker john boehner faced off in prime time last night to make their case. wendell goler joins us live from the white house. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. republicans in the house and democrats in the senate will reach across the aisle today and
5:33 am
try and find support for competing plans to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling. house speaker john boehner has a proposal to cut about 1.2 trillion dollars in spending and set up a bi-partisan commission to look for further cuts. mostly in medicare and medicaid. majority leader harry reid in the senate has a similar plan. he would count about a trillion dollars in savings from winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. now, the difference is that boehner's plan would cut the -- would raise the debt cree ceilig only enough to make it through the end of the year, reid's plan takes us through 2012. last night the president and boehner went on nationwide tv and looked for support for the competing plans, not so much in terms of specifics but the president saying the debt ceiling is something we never really argued about before, and speaker boehner saying washington business as usual is a thing of the past. here's a bit of what each man had to say. >> understand raising the debt
5:34 am
ceiling does not allow congress to spend more money. it simply gives our country the ability to pay the bills that congress has already racked up. in the past raising the debt ceiling was routine. since the 1950s congress has always passed it. every president has signed it. >> most american businesses make the hard choices to pay their bills. their, live within their means. in washington, more spending and more debt is business as usual. i've got news for washington. those days are over. >> boehner's bottom line is cutting the disift more tha defn the debt ceiling is raised. the president wants the debt ceiling raised through 2012. republicans say the president is trying to keep the issue out of his reelection campaign. the president's folks are saying that's partly true. they also say that ratings agencies have warned a short-term increase could lead to a downgrade of our triple a
5:35 am
rating that would raise everyone's interest rates. >> we've all got an interest in that. wendell goler live on the north lawn. thanks for the report. >> the president had one theme, one word. balanced. he wanted the cut cuts on the bt balanced with tax increases. how many times did he use it? seven times in a 14 minute speech. that did not get by charles who believes there was a reason why the president was using those words. >> this balanced approach asks everyone to give a little. the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now. keep in mind that under a balanced approach. what we're talking about under a balanced approach. a predecessor of mine made the case for a balanced approach by saying this. but today, many republicans in the house refuse to consider this kind of balanced approach. if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. let your member of congress know. >> those two words together had
5:36 am
been tested specifically with ind pendents because he said, let's face it, they end up deciding the elections, specifically in 2012 for the president. you heard taxing millionaires and billionaires, invoking the spirit of ronald reagan. blaming bush. apparently all those things have tested higher with independence and that's why the president used those words so many times. >> sure. as they poll test things, they look at the polls. talking earlier about the gallup poll, the president in the united states is in the weekly tracking poll tied for the lowest number he has had during his administration. i would imagine the people at 1600 pennsylvania avenue are trying to think of the best way to get him out of this jam. let's dook d do a couple of headlines for you. this happened in the alaska wilderness where a group of teens participating in an outdoor survival course kicked a bear.
5:37 am
>> i kicked the bear in his face as hard as i could to try to get away. i just felt like it was probably like the right thing for me to try to do. >> well, the bear bit victor martin on the ankle. two teens remain hospitalized this morning in serious condition, but he no doubt saved their lives. family and friends say a final farewell to amy winehouse in london. the scene reminiscent in her music video. we still don't know how she died, the autopsy inconclusive. more toxicology tests expected within two to four weeks. winehouse who struggled with alcohol and addiction was found dead in her home over the weekend. she was 27. meanwhile, a military family being sued for displaying that banner in their yard supporting their son. he's a marine serving proudly in afghanistan. the homeowner's association where they live filed the suit, claiming the sign violates their rules, but the homeowner, jody
5:38 am
burr, joined us to say that the suit makes zero sense. >> ou it signs states no sign oy property in view of the public. we have a couple other signs on our lot that are in view of the public. by definition they're in fractions, but they'r they've ne into question. >> she has no plans to take the banner down. two things you should be absolutely sure of, one thing thaisthat the body you stick ine morgue should be absolutely dead. a man woke up screaming when he realized he was trapped in the morgue. when morgue workers heard him, they thought it was a ghost and ran away. they eventually returned to help. the man's family thought he died from an asthma attack 21 hours earlier. he's fine now. here's what some of you had to say. you need to interview the hero from the morgue. anyone who would not answer a knock on the door of a knocker in the morgue is a hero in my
5:39 am
book. >> all right. she plays emma, the selfless guidance counselor with ocd who got feelings for teacher will on the smar smash hit "glee". she's leaving high school behind to star in her upcoming movie, the sm. -- the smurfs. >> we shook hands and you didn't get out the purell. >> i will later as soon as i leave. >> your character has ocd and is a germ freak. where did that come from? >> i don't know. when i read the script, all of that was already in there. her character was pretty well developed in the script, but i have a lot of anxiety of my own. when i was auditioning for it, i thought great, i can use that anxiety and put it in emma. >> ar anxiety about what? >> i'm kind of filthy at home, i don't worry about it at home, but i get anxious about things.
5:40 am
i think a lot of actors do. >> this is one of those shows before it came out, it was thought to be a huge hit, a smash hit, and it was. what is different this year? give us an idea. >> gosh. i don't know. there are a lot of rumors flying about that cast members are leaving at the end of the year. i don't know if that's going to propel the story in a different way. i don't know. you can never expect what ryan murphy will write for us. >> do you promise to sing each episode? >> do i promise? >> yes. >> i don't know if it will make the cut, but i promise. >> are you going to get together with will sho? >> i don't know. i feel those two are destined to get together. >> would you like to make out with him? >> make out with him or the writers? >> well, in addition to the tv show which is a run away hit on fox, you've got brand new movie based on a cartoon that people have seen for a long time, the smurfs. we've got a little snippet. here she is in action.
5:41 am
>> that is so cute? >> a lot of my bathroom experiences go that way. >> my kids are so excited t to e this. there was a big thing in central park, a big blowup with the characters. >> it's smurfs week in new york. >> for those who don't this big.
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